Billing Pioneer Brightflag Buys Orrick Labs Spin Out Joinder

Brightflag, the AI-powered legal billing analysis platform, today announced its acquisition of Joinder, the system of record startup that spun out earlier this year from Orrick Labs. The acquisition expands the Brightflag team to 150 people, with offices now in California, New York, Ireland, and Australia.

Joinder will be known as Brightflag Workspace and form an integral part of the Brightflag Legal Operations Platform.

The combination of Brightflag and Brightflag Workspace offers ‘an end-to-end solution for legal operations, from intake to outside counsel management to strategic planning’, said the company.

Ian Nolan, Brightflag CEO and co-founder, said in a statement: ‘The feedback from Joinder users unanimously matched our own first impression: It’s the most intuitive and impressive collaboration platform designed for legal professionals we’ve ever seen.

‘We’re excited to empower corporate legal departments with a best-in-class product that addresses an additional set of legal operations requirements and we’re thrilled to be gaining a group of exceptionally talented colleagues in the process.’

Don Keller, Joinder CEO and co-founder, added: ‘Brightflag shares our view of what legal innovation should look like and has a proven record of delivering secure, cloud-based solutions that are easy to adopt and use. That fundamental alignment will enable us to quickly integrate our complementary strengths and provide a comprehensive solution that modern legal professionals can trust in the most demanding scenarios.’

It is the first acquisition that Brightflag has made.