Agiloft Releases ‘Connected Experiences’ + AL TV Product Walk Through

For its winter 2021 release Agiloft is launching what it calls ‘Connected Experiences’. You can see a full demo below in the AL TV Product Walk Through with Andy Wishart, the company’s CPO. The new release ’empowers users to utilise Agiloft’s CLM as a connected system of record across the organisation through enhanced integrations with familiar apps and systems’.

It’s probably a lot more effective to just watch the video to see how the new attributes work, but this is how Agiloft explained what is there now:

  • New Microsoft Teams app – Enables users to approve contracts with one click and receive critical updates and notifications directly from Teams to reduce approval cycle time and provide a seamless Connected Experience between Agiloft and Microsoft Teams.
  • Redesigned Agiloft Contract Assistant for Word – Users can now create new automated document templates, build a library of standard and fallback clauses, and provide guidance to improve negotiations all within Microsoft Word.
  • New Salesforce app – Enables teams to get up and running on Salesforce in fifteen minutes, vastly improving our established Salesforce integration and accelerating sales with a critical Connected Experience with Agiloft CLM.
  • New Microsoft Dynamics Connector and Tableau Connector – Empower better business by making it easier than ever to access contracts throughout the enterprise. Users can now close deals more quickly and visualise data to make better decisions.    
A view of the contract assistant.

Press play to watch the AL TV video inside the page, it’s about 17 mins, including plenty of questions from Artificial Lawyer.

AL TV Productions. Nov 2021.

There is also a short discussion with Wishart about the future potential for standardisation in contracting processes to help various CLM systems all speak the same language, as it were, and that is very welcome.

The point is that although CLM systems are greatly improving how companies handle contracting, they are all working in different ways and even for basic contract types every company is doing things their own way. The end result: lots of companies with better processes just for their business that don’t connect with other CLM systems of other companies that are also generating contracts that then find their way to the CLM system of your company.

I.e. getting the CLM to work better, as is happening in this case with Agiloft, is just one part of the much wider challenge around better contracting – and industry standardisation is clearly going to be part of the solution.

Any road, there you go. Here’s Eric Laughlin, Agiloft CEO, who added in a statement: ‘The market for CLM is evolving rapidly, and it’s time to rethink attitudes about contracts. For too long, we’ve thought of contracts solely as a defensive shield, relegated to dead-end digital representations of paper. Agiloft is re-imagining contract data as a digital asset – the DNA of business relationships – that can be analysed and acted on across the business.

‘With our new Connected Experiences, Agiloft empowers people across the organisation by connecting them to contract processes and data in the tools they already use, shifting CLM from legal to enterprise tech and taking the value of CLM to a new level.’

As mentioned, check out the video with Wishart showing how it all works.