Dealcloser Joins Jameson Legal Tech Consortium

Dealcloser, a transaction management platform, is joining the consortium of Jameson Legal Tech. The move also marks the company’s official launch in the UK and EMEA regions after ‘significant growth’ in North America in 2021.

Canada-based dealcloser will join a growing portfolio of legal technology solutions. Jameson Legal Tech, which is part of the wider Jameson recruitment business, will provide ‘access to a vast network of contacts, as well as delivering localised commercial advice and guidance’.

Jameson is the second such legal tech consortium, and follows the example set by LexFusion in the US. In June last year Jameson launched the group with: CLM pioneer, LinkSquares, practice management system, App4Legal, Everchron, a litigation management startup that Mischon de Reya invested in, and NEXL, a ‘no data entry’ CRM system.

And….apparently they have also added a bunch of other companies since their launch as well, which includes: Kudocs, Clausebase, New Banking Identity, Beyond Billable Hours and Contractbook. They have been very busy.

So, all in all, they now have…….a lot of companies. Last year they explained that the group operated on a retainer model, with a commission paid based on sales. Where specific technical expertise is needed to help a client assess a product Jameson will bring in external consultants on a case by case basis.

Amir Reshef, CEO & co-founder, dealcloser, said: ‘[We have] grown significantly over the last twelve months, and so has our client base, in both firm sizes and geographical reach.’

‘We have firmly established our presence in North America and are now receiving volumes of interest from around the globe. Being able to provide first-class localized support along with a trusted network of advisors is paramount to our business values. The team at Jameson Legal Tech has tremendous experience in growing the presence of technology solutions in local markets, and along with their extensive reach, I’m excited to collaborate and achieve great results together.’

And Jon Bartman, Head of Jameson Legal Tech, concluded: ‘[We are] always looking for innovative tech solutions that make lawyers’ lives easier. dealcloser represents a solution that ticks all the boxes: innovation, ease of implementation, and most importantly, a solution that saves countless hours in closing any transaction. Jameson Legal Tech is excited to bring dealcloser to our large database of contacts and to start amplifying the brand across the whole of the region. We are very excited to collaborate with best in class solutions.’