TLT Launches ‘Concierge’ to Help Clients Manage + Improve Workflow

UK law firm TLT has launched a new online platform called ‘Concierge’ to help inhouse legal teams ‘manage, prioritise, automate and analyse their work, gathering valuable data to improve business performance’.

It’s the latest in several innovative moves the firm has made in recent years. In 2019 they did a deal with doc automation company Clarilis to provide its services directly to its clients, and before that struck an alliance deal with US-based AI doc review company, LegalSifter.

In terms of TLT Concierge, which came out of the firm’s FutureLaw team, it’s designed to make it easier for people to contact their legal team, submit requests for work and track its progress, as well as create and review legal documents and capture data. The firm also stressed that this was ‘more than a legal front door’.

The data captured by the platform gives inhouse teams a better view of the way the business interacts with them, allowing them to improve processes, proactively solve problems and be strategic partners as well as service providers – all helping to demonstrate the legal teams’ value, the firm explained.

One could see this as something of a CLM-type offering in some ways, although it’s far broader than that as it covers workstreams well beyond contracting.

And it does appear to be very comprehensive, it includes:

– ‘self-service functionality, empowering the business to draft documents using automation tools based on TLT assured templates and playbooks;

– you can review third party contracts using artificial intelligence;

– find answers to commonly asked legal questions; and access knowledge and data, as well as other automated processes.’

The firm noted that having this efficiency-driving capability will allow inhouse teams to focus on higher value and strategic matters.

James Touzel (pictured), head of FutureLaw at TLT, said: ‘Being able to demonstrate value to their stakeholders is one of the biggest challenges currently facing in-house legal teams. Moving from managing risk to creating value involves strategic thinking and intelligent technology. It means changing the way things are done. Data analysis and document and workflow automation are just some of the tools that can be implemented by in-house teams to move them forward to create real commercial value for their organisations.

‘We designed TLT Concierge after extensive consultations with our clients, and are delighted to provide a technology solution to help meet their needs, keeping them a step ahead. Ultimately we want to help them achieve their business objectives and be ready for what comes next.’

Is this a big deal? First it shows that you don’t have to be a global giant to drive very useful innovation, it also shows that there is plenty of mileage to be found in working more closely with clients beyond advisory needs and by building joined up legal tech solutions that make life easier for them.  

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