Video: How Will the Agrello Smart Contract Platform Work?

Artificial Lawyer doesn’t often present standalone videos, but given the huge interest at the moment in smart contracts and the use of blockchain tech in the legal world, sharing this video by Agrello about how their platform will work seems appropriate.

It’s also a great video that provides a very logical and clear walk through, but perhaps set the sound to mute. Artificial Lawyer particularly liked the screen shot of the market place where people can buy contract templates…looks like the shape of things to come. But, you decide. The video is below (1:31 mins).

And for readers who didn’t catch the story about Agrello last month, the Estonia-based group of lawyers and technologists have not only launched a new legal smart contract platform, they’ve also done the first legal tech Initial Coin Offering with their own token called DELTA. Its goal is to raise 10,000 Bitcoins, which as of today would equate to a capital raising of just under $34m in less than one month, (yep, you read that correctly).


[ Note: this video and its content belongs to Agrello and is shared here for informational purposes only. ]