Insurer ARAG Links With LawDroid In Legal Bot Project World First

Insurance company, ARAG North America, has partnered with legal bot pioneer, LawDroid, to develop interactive systems that can be used by both the insurer’s clients and the law firms that work with the company on its legal matters.

As far as Artificial Lawyer can see, this is the first time a major company has enlisted the help of a legal bot developer to build systems to work with customers and lawyers. Although many companies today have some form of chat bot on their websites to engage with basic customer needs, a company of this size developing specifically legal bot applications does appear to be a new step.

It’s also a further vote of confidence in the legal bot medium for interacting with clients and lawyers. Recently LawDroid unveiled the voice-driven system it has developed to help handle the creation of documents for uncontested divorces (see story – here.)

In a statement, ARAG said: ‘LawDroid has been retained as ARAG’s AI and Chatbot partner. We are tasked with developing chatbot solutions to increase productivity and efficiencies for ARAG’s network attorneys and 1 million-plus legal plan members. The relationship was developed by ARAG team members Will Petersen and Jean Clauson.’

Tom Martin (pictured above), Founder of LawDroid, told Artificial Lawyer: ‘I’m thrilled for LawDroid to be working with an international legal powerhouse like ARAG legal insurance. This marks a high point for my company, but also for the practical adoption of AI and chatbots at the enterprise level. I’m excited for what the future holds and how this use of technology will ultimately benefit consumers in providing access to justice in a very real way.’

The exact details of the bots that will be developed is still under wraps, but we can expect more news on this in the coming months. That said, we can expect them to be focused on helping to move insurance disputes forward with as much automation as can be applied in these situations.

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