AL 100 Legal Tech Directory Launches on Artificial Lawyer

Today, Artificial Lawyer is launching the AL 100 legal tech directory, to bring you useful data on some of the world’s most pioneering legal tech companies.

For two years this site has been plotting the course of what one could call ‘progressive legal tech’ , i.e. those companies that are working toward automating certain legal tasks through technology, often using NLP and machine learning techniques, as well as those legal tech businesses that link with such companies to support this endeavour.

What started as a trickle of game-changing companies with solutions that will one day help to transform the legal sector, has now become a flood, and it can be hard to keep up, or to even know what’s out there beyond the big brand names. And even then it can be hard to know what some of the more well-known companies actually do and what they really can provide to prospective users.

People want to have some idea of what all these companies are offering, who they are and who runs the company, how do they price their software, what security standards do they meet, what markets do they operate in, and what makes their application special? In short, people want some detail.

And, from Artificial Lawyer’s perspective, it makes sense to group together all in one place those tech companies that are contributing to the long overdue industrialisation of the legal sector, whether directly or in supporting roles.

And so, it is with great pleasure, that Artificial Lawyer brings you the AL 100!

Who Is It Useful For? 

Buyers – This resource is designed to be of use to law firms and their innovation and IT teams, as well as inhouse legal teams and legal operations experts inside corporates, when looking to find data on potential vendors.

Job Hunters – The directory also could be helpful to automation experts and business development professionals seeking to learn more about a company before applying for a job.

Investors – And it could be of use to investors looking to gather information about the legal tech companies that are helping to transform this market.

It may also be of use to legal engineers, law students, academics working in the field of legal technology, Bar organisations and conference organisers. In short, just about anyone who works within or is connected to the legal tech ecosystem may hopefully find some value in this directory.

What Does It Cover? 

The AL 100 will grow and launch new categories. New opportunities to share additional types of content and information will also appear.

For now, each company has been asked a range of questions, from who is their CTO, to how many people work there, to explaining a bit about their underlying tech and its use cases, to their pricing structures, to their security standards, to where they currently operate globally.

Below are the main categories (see bottom of page). You can either click the links on this page or use the dropdown menu on the main navigation bar on the Artificial Lawyer homepage, designated: AL 100 Directory.

The companies listed here are mostly quite well developed, but there some that are also still in Beta, and these are labelled as such. They also come from all over the world: Canada, US, UK, Israel, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Germany, with hopefully many other companies from other locations soon to join.

As one would expect, there are plenty of companies in areas such as Legal Research + Analysis, and Doc Review – with 16 listed so far, but the directory has also sought to bring in categories where there may be fewer companies, for example, Expert Systems, or Billing + Time Systems, which has just three listed so far.

Also, it should be noted, not being listed here yet does not mean a company is not important, far from it, they may simply not have got around to sending back their information, or their category is still in the process of being edited or perhaps even created. Watch this space as the AL 100 grows!

Listing Criteria

The goal here is to present the companies that are forward thinking and are a part of the change that Artificial Lawyer really believes needs to happen in the legal market, i.e. progressive legal technology. This tends to mean companies with an interest in the automation of legal tasks, whether this is via NLP/ML or any other method.

In terms of ranking, the lists are alphabetical to give everyone a fair chance to be seen. Where a company has multiple, linked applications it has been listed under a single main category to avoid duplication of core data.

At present all of the companies listed have been invited to do so – and many more are in the process of being invited and inducted. If you think you would fit into this directory and you haven’t yet received an invite, please drop me a line: Contact. 

I hope this proves to be a useful resource and that it helps to increase knowledge and connections within the legal tech world.

Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer and the AL 100. 


Below are links to the main category pages. You can also access each page of the directory through the dropdown menu via the main AL 100 navigation button on the home page.

(More categories to follow)